Released in April 2017, Last Meal is a six-episode web series that explores the deadly dinner parties of Aaron & Jessica Grimmer. Aaron, the son of the Grim Reaper, has recently taken over the family business after his father’s retirement. With the support of Jessica, his fashion-forward, emotionally quirky spouse, Aaron infuses his father’s more traditional fatal approach with a little class and pizzazz by inviting his famous victims…ermm, “guests”…to elaborate dinner parties at their residence at Blackberry Castle. Assisted by their loyal butler, personal chef, and resident mixologist, the Grimmers honor their unsuspecting guests with food, drink, and heartfelt conversation before creatively- if not always painlessly- helping them meet their fate.

Last Meal riffs off the popularity of celebrity interviews and cooking shows, while presenting the content in a quirky, comedic indie style.

Guests include comedian/actress Sabrina Jalees (Transparent, The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreMTV Showcase), musician Brent Knopf (El Vy, Ramona Falls), and graphic novelist Nicole J. Georges (Calling Dr. Laura, Invincible Summer)